FAQ Royal Dutch Apartments


Below you will find the most important eligibility criteria for an apartment in Royal Dutch Apartments:

  • Your gross monthly income (including vacation pay, structural surcharges and bonuses etc.) should be at least 3x the base rent. For two-earners the combined gross monthly income (inccluding vacation pay, structural surcharges and bonuses etc.) is at least 4x the base rent.
  • The same income requirements apply to pensioners, with the annual statement serving as proof
  • An employment contract must be supplied
  • For applicants who are self-employed entrepreneurs you should be registered at the Chamber of Commerce for at least 1 year. In addition, a recent profit/loss account from at least one full financial year must be shown
  • You may not be in arrears with a previous landlord or mortgage provider. On this basis the allocation may be refused

In addition:

  • Is it not possible for students to rent
  • Is it not possible to rent an apartment for someone else
  • Is it not possible to have a guarantor to compensate for a too low income

We do not charge registration costs to be able to rent. Nor are there mediation costs or brokerage fees.

To register you can create your personal online account through this website and start the rental process. Once your profile is created you can upload the documents in your online profile as soon the rental has started. Noting these documents will only be evaluated and taken into account if they are complete.

After you have completed the registration form and uploaded the required documents, the registration will be processed. Once your registration is processed and approved, a contract is drawn up. After you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, the landlord will co-sign the contract. Your rental contract is only final after co-signing by the landlord. As soon the delivery date of your apartment is known you will receive the first invoice which includes the first period of rent and the deposit. Delivery of the apartment can only take place when the first invoice is paid no later then 3 days before.

Please note, reserving an apartment does NOT automatically mean that the registration is accepted and that FRIS reserves the right to reject any application.

Income from salaried employment can be demonstrated by:

  • 3 recent salary slips
  • 3 recent bank statements with salary payments
  • UWV employment history

In case of self-employment:

  • Employer or accountant statement, or the income tax statement of the tax authorities
  • Annual statement in case of benefit or pension

Additional documents:

  • Copy of ID card
  • Personal Records Database (BRP) maximum 3 months old (including adress history)
  • Employer’s statement
  • Landlord statement or mortgage lender statement

If forged documents are submitted, FRIS Vastgoedmanagement will report this to the police on account of forgery (art. 225 of the Criminal Code) and you will also be excluded from renting a property.

The order of registration determines the allocation. Allocation can only take place if all necessary documents have been submitted, the type of apartment you prefer is available and you meet the criteria. This rental process takes place entirely online through this website.

It is possible to rent alone or with a co-occupant. During the rental period, it is possible to add, remove or change the co-inhabitant. In that case a new contract will have to be signed. This does have consequences for the income requirements which are set at a minimum gross monthly income (excluding vacation pay, bonus etc.) of 4x the basic rent.

Your initial contract is for at least 1 year, after which time the lease will be converted to an indefinite period and you can terminate the rent per month with a notice period of at least 1 calendar month.

Before the lease can be finalized, a deposit must be paid. This amount will be refunded at the end of the contract, subject to partial or full deduction as described in the General Terms and Conditions which you will receive with the draft rental agreement. The amount of the deposit is 3 times the monthly rent.

Once your digital signature is completed, we will contact you to agree on the moving date. Usually you can move in the first week of your rental period. Of course the first month’s rent will be calculated based on availability.

Royal Dutch Apartments will be completed in 3 phases. Depending on the type of apartment and the location in the building, completion will take place in end-December, mid-January and end-January. Of course we will keep you informed of the final delivery date and time after signing the lease. The starting date you see in the online rental agreement is only an indication. Of course, we will do our best to take your preferences into account, but we will make plans based on availability (first come, first served). We are planning to move in the first tenants from the 15th of January 2022.

Yes, please keep that in mind. Each year you will receive a notice in the month of June announcing the annual rent increase. In accordance with the lease agreement article 5.2, the annual increase is CPI (Consumer Price Index) + 3%.

Royal Dutch Apartments only has free sector apartments which means you are not eligible for rent allowance.

After a period of twelve months from the start of the rental agreement, it is possible to terminate the rental agreement. However, a notice period of at least one calendar month applies. Notice of termination must be given by email via vastgoedmanagement@fris.nl. The termination is only final once you have received a written confirmation from FRIS Property Management.

All conditions are listed on this website under the FAQ section. If you still have questions, you can email them to nieuwbouw@fris.nl


Royal Dutch Apartments is a large new construction project with a total of 304 apartments. The first phase is expected to be completed in end-December. The second and third phases will be completed in mid-January and end-January respectively. The final commencement date of the lease will be communicated to the tenant in good time, but no later than four weeks in advance.

The apartments are equipped with a complete bathroom and a nice kitchen with built-in appliances. Therefore a change is not possible. These are finished in white, gray and black colors. The layout is visible in the floor plan per apartment which you can find in the apartment finder.

All bathrooms have a shower and sink. Select units will have a double sink or a glasswall as a partition for the shower room where noted on the layout.

The kitchens will have built-in appliances including a Pelgrim hotplate, refrigerator, oven and extractor fan. The kitchens are finished in white with a gray or black countertop in HPL. Types G, H and I have a composite countertop.

Many apartments have indoor storage spaces, which is visible on the floor plans that you can find in the apartment finder. In addition, each apartment has a storage room in the basement. In the apartment finder you will find the number of the storage room which is connected with the apartment. Under the download section in this website you will find a download of the floorplan of the storage rooms.

In the basement there is space reserved for a covered bicycle storage, this is included in the rent. A limited number of spaces are available for scooters.

There will be a parking garage with 203 parking spaces under Royal Dutch Apartments. 2 of them are intended for disabled people, 25 parking spaces have a charging station for electric cars. In the online rental process, you can indicate whether you wish to rent one. The monthly rent per parking space is € 120,00.

The walls are equipped with smooth wallpaper and finished with white paint. There is no need for further wall finishes.

All rooms have a luxury vinyl floor in an oak look. No further floor finishing is required.

The apartments are unfurnished. However if you require furniture you can choose between option furniture packages at additional costs. See for more information: the website of HOME MADE BY (CLICK HERE)

Royal Dutch is connected to district heating. Underfloor heating is installed in the apartments. During the rental process the landlord will provide further detail.

Besides the monthly rent of the apartment you will pay an advance for service costs of € 80,00 per month (€ 20,00 for a parking space). The service costs consist of offsettable service costs and non-offsetable service costs. The offsettable service costs are variable costs such as security, cleaning, energy, water, green areas and energy and water for public areas. You will receive a settlement statement every year.

All floor plans are included in the apartment finder on this website.

No, this is strictly prohibited. Please note that this can lead to immediate termination of your contract and a high fine, as described in the general terms and conditions.

Pets are allowed in Royal Dutch Apartments if they do not cause any inconvenience. For more information please contact FRIS.

It is not allowed to make any alterations. It is also strictly forbidden to hang up anything on the sprinkler installation or to edit the sprinkler heads and smoke detectors. In case of doubt, contact FRIS Vastgoed Management.

Royal Dutch Apartments have a wide variety of apartments with a variety of local amenity. The community offers something for everyone and therefore would also be childfriendly.


The apartments will be allocated in order of registration. If you register, we will keep you informed of new available apartments through our newsletters. Please note that new apartments may become available every day, so please check the website regularly.


Besides the fact that the train station is within walking distance and there is a great bakery (Breadz) and espresso bar (DSTRCT-DZ) around the corner, far-reaching discussions are being held about filling the commercial spaces in Royal Dutch Apartments. Little Tokyo Sushi will soon open its doors there. But think also of a small-scale supermarket, restaurant, sandwich store and fitness club. All amenities that make life even nicer in Royal Dutch Apartments!